Society Update

The Interim Board of Football Supporters Society of Bury would like to provide the following update in relation to the leak of information and the resumption of the full elections for the society board.

The investigation which was detailed in an email to members on the 16th August 2023 was completed on the 4th September 2023. The findings of the investigation were inconclusive as to where the leak of information originated from. Additionally, the panel responsible for the investigation concluded they were confident that there had been no unauthorised access of any member data. As a result, we now consider this matter closed.

The board are in the process of finalising a way forward in conjunction with Mi-Voice and the Football Supporters Association to resume the election as soon as reasonably possible now that the investigation has concluded. The board is committed to ensuring the integrity of the election is upheld and have agreed to put additional mitigations in place to facilitate this.

We would like to thank members for their ongoing patience whilst these issues are resolved and will be publishing an updated election timetable in due course when the updated processes are agreed  and the electorate data is verified. Anonymous social media accounts often cause unnecessary problems for the football club and the wellbeing of its members and supporters. These accounts seek to divide the fan-base, undermine the hard-work of volunteers and ultimately have a negative impact on the club’s progress both on and off the field. We would encourage supporters to only engage with updates from official channels and the we will endeavour to keep fans up to date of election progress and other relevant issues whenever possible until the newly elected board is in place.

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