About us

Welcome to the Football Supporters’ Society of Bury, a Community Benefit Society dedicated to more than just football.

As proud owners of Bury Football Club, we believe in the power of sport to unite, inspire, and empower. With a collective spirit driving us, we strive to make a meaningful difference both on and off the pitch. We want to foster a sense of belonging and shared success within our community.

Bury Football Club is owned by the Football Supporters’ Society of Bury. We also have the majority voting rights in our stadium at Gigg Lane. This means the club’s own supporters control its destiny. The Society is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and adheres to strict rules which protects the money and assets it owns. This means that the society and club can never be subject to ‘asset stripping’ and can’t be sold without member approval.

You can become a member for just £5 per month.

In return for that £5 you will:

  • Elect members to the Society board
  • Vote on pivotal long term decisions such as any proposed change of ownership, ground, name or club crest
  • Input into the day-today running of the club through advisory votes on issues such as kit design
  • Attend Annual and Special General Meetings
  • Be kept up to date on the financial health of the club through management and annual audited accounts

Your membership is conditional on the payment of your membership fee. Should you stop paying that fee your membership will also end.

You can contact the society using secretary@fssb.co.uk

Registered office Gigg Lane Stadium, Bury, BL9 9HR.