Memberships Now Open

We are pleased to confirm that memberships are open again.

Everyone can join the new membership scheme via this website, however existing memberships will continue to work for now, so we are encouraging people to join only if they are new members or if their membership has lapsed or expired.

If you are an existing Shakers Community or Bury FC Supporters' Society with either a paid up annual subscription or if you are paying monthly you do not have to do anything at this stage. We will send you an email over the next few days with instructions about how best to move across to the new membership scheme.

If you do sign up please note the following:

  • There is no need to sign up to the annual scheme. The club is well capitalised and £5 per month is just as good as £60 per annum. We do ask you to commit to a full year as a minimum however if paying monthly and will exclude anyone abusing this by regularly signing up for single months and cancelling. Both options are subscriptions which renew automatically unless cancelled.
  • We do ask you to select the BACS direct debit option. This is far easier for the club to administer. We have a number of members who live overseas and they will probably need the card payment option.
  • You can only purchase one membership at a time. Each member must be recorded and paid for separately so we can identify who they are, rather than purchasing multiple memberships in one payment.
  • We now only offer adult memberships. Members must be over 16. We have a separate plan for ‘Junior Shakers’ but this will sit outside FSSB membership. Anyone who abuses the system by creating adult memberships for children (or similar fraudulent behaviour) risks their own membership being terminated.
  • The email used must be unique to each member. The email used will be the one used for voting purposes.

Your membership remains valid as long as your subscription is paid. The first £1 is used to purchase your voting membership share. Once your payment ceases and your subscription lapses you are no longer eligible to vote as a member.

Join the Society today